Consultation on funding formulae for implementation of the Care Act in 2015-16

Closed 9 Oct 2014

Opened 31 Jul 2014


We are seeking views on how funding for new adult social care duties will be allocated between local authorities in financial year 2015 to 2016.

Why We Are Consulting

As part of the Care Act 2014 local authorities will be granted new duties. We’re asking for views on how the funding for 3 of these new duties will be allocated.

The 3 duties and funding available in financial year 2015 to 2016 are:
(1) additional assessments for the cap on care costs: £175 million
(2) universal deferred payment agreements: £108.5 million
(3) social care in prisons: £11.2 million

The funding for the first 2 duties will be paid to local authorities as a Department for Communities and Local Government revenue grant and the funding for social care in prisons will be paid as a Department of Health revenue grant.

The consultation is mainly aimed at local authorities, but we also welcome responses from care providers, people with care and support needs, and their carers.

Please note that the consultation on related draft regulations and guidance for implementation of part 1 of the Care Act 2015/16 is open until 15 August; to share your views visit

What Happens Next

The consultation responses will inform provisional allocations which will be published in late 2014. Subject to Parliamentary approval, final allocations will be published in early 2015.


  • Local authority
  • Social care provider
  • Directors of Adult Social Care Services
  • Carers
  • Service users


  • Adult social care