Allocating 2017-18 funding to disregard war pensions in social care financial assessments

Closed 21 Nov 2016

Opened 4 Nov 2016


There are two schemes which make payments to armed forces veterans who have been injured on active service. Currently the two schemes are treated differently by local authorities when making a financial assessment to determine what a person can afford to contribute to the costs of their care and support. In the 2016 Budget, the government announced that a change would be made to the care and support charging arrangements in England to treat the schemes more consistently. This will be done by requiring regular payments made under the War Pensions scheme to be disregarded (i.e. not taken into account) when local authorities conduct the financial assessment. This will come at a cost to local authorities through reduced income from charging. 

This two-question consultation seeks local authorities' views on the formula by which the £14m funding to cover these costs in 2017-18 should be allocated to individual local authorities.

The consultation document is available at .

A spreadsheet illustrating the calculations is available below.


  • Local authority
  • Directors of Adult Social Care Services


  • Adult social care