General Osteopathic Council (Constitution) (Amendment) Order

Closed 25 Sep 2015

Opened 31 Jul 2015


This is a public consultation regarding the governance of the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC), for those with an interest in professional regulation or osteopathy.

We are seeking views on the proposal that aims to reduce the size of the GOsC’s governing council (the board), by making amendments to The General Osteopathic Council (Constitution) Order 2009.  This consultation therefore seeks comments and views on the draft Order ‘The General Osteopathic Council (Constitution) (Amendment) Order 2015’, which is the vehicle by which the proposed changes will be made.

Following the February 2011 Command Paper Enabling Excellence: Autonomy and Accountability for Healthcare Workers, Social Workers and Social Care Workers the government commissioned the Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence (CHRE) report, ‘Board size and effectiveness: advice to the Department of Health regarding health professional regulators’ in September 2011.

The report made recommendations for smaller boards, based on evidence that ‘boards with a range of 8 to 12 members are associated with greater effectiveness.’

The Department of Health, following consultation, has been implementing the recommendations of the CHRE (which on 1 December 2012 became the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care). To date, a number of councils have taken steps to reduce the size of their council. These include the Health & Care Professions Council, the General Medical Council, the General Dental Council and the Nursing & Midwifery Council.

Why We Are Consulting

The GOsC is seeking to reduce the number of its board membership from 14 to 10 members in line with the report on ‘Board size and effectiveness’ and with steps taken by other councils to gain benefits from having a smaller, more strategic board.

The Department is therefore consulting on its proposal to amend the GOsC’s constitution order to reduce the size of its governing council to 10 members.

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What Happens Next

A summary of the response to this consultation will be made available before or alongside any further action, such as laying legislation before Parliament, and will be placed on the GOV.UK website (


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