Advancing our health: prevention in the 2020s

Closes 14 Oct 2019

Taking care of our mental health

There are actions we can take to improve our mental health. Many people know how to improve their physical health but are less confident taking positive action for their mental health and wellbeing. We want to create a society where people have high mental health ‘literacy’. Where everyone has the skills, knowledge and confidence to improve their mental health and wellbeing throughout life. We also want to raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing, so that everyone can recognise signs of distress in themselves and others and know where to seek help if needed.

There are many factors affecting people’s mental health. How can we support the things that are good for mental health and prevent the things that are bad for mental health, in addition to the mental health actions in the green paper?
Have you got examples or ideas about using technology to prevent mental ill-health, and promote good mental health and wellbeing?