Charging for technology appraisal and highly specialised technology recommendations and miscellaneous amendments to NICE legislation

Closed 14 Sep 2018

Opened 10 Aug 2018


NICE's technology appraisal and highly specialised technology programmes, together with the associated requirement for NHS commissioners and local authorities as appropriate to fund recommended treatments, play a vital role in ensuring access for NHS patients to new and cost-effective treatments.  As such, it is important that NICE's technology appraisal and highly specialised technology programmes operate in a sustainable and efficient way and in a way that allows it be more responsive to developments in the life sciences sector.

The Government is consulting on proposed amendments to the Regulations to allow NICE to charge companies for making technology appraisal and highly specialised technology recommendations relating to their products.  The introduction of charging will put NICE on a more sustainable basis that enables it to continue with the same level of activity and to flex its capacity in response to fluctuations in the pipeline of technologies that require assessment, as well as to adapt its methods and processes to different types of technology.

The Department is also consulting on amendments to the Regulations to allow NICE to appoint panel members to its appeal panels who are engaged in the provision of health services across the UK, rather than just those engaged in provision in England. The changes to the Regulations will allow NICE to be able to recruit from a wider pool of people to ensure that it is able to appoint members of a high calibre to ensure sufficient challenge to its decision making processes.

Please read the consultation document, draft Impact Assessment and draft Regulations before responding to this consultation. These documents are available at:


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