Accountable Care Models Contract: Proposed changes to regulations

Closed 5 Nov 2017

Opened 11 Sep 2017


On 4 August 2017 NHSE published an updated draft of the NHS Standard Contract – NHS Standard Contract (Accountable Care Models) (ACO Contract) and support package. This contract is a variant of the generic NHS Standard Contract applicable for integrated service provision. NHSE will continue to work with leading commissioners to develop this contract further over the next year, with a view to consulting on a final version in 2018.

The development of the ACO contract has identified a number of required changes to regulation, predominantly to ensure that current rules continue to apply to the new contract, and those organisations using it, but also in some cases creating additional flexibilities, for example for GPs who wish to enter into ACO arrangements without terminating their existing contracts.

This consultation seeks views on the proposed changes.

Draft regulations have been published alongside this consultation.


  • GPs
  • Foundation Trusts
  • NHS Commissioning Board
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups
  • Regulatory body
  • Employer representatives
  • Employee representatives
  • Trade union
  • Royal Colleges
  • Local authority
  • Social care provider


  • NHS Commissioning Board
  • Performers Lists
  • Complaints