National Data Guardian for Health and Social Care

Closed 22 Mar 2019

Opened 18 Feb 2019


National Data Guardian for Health and Social Care: a consultation about priorities

The National Data Guardian for Health and Social Care (NDG) is the independent champion of patients and the public on matters related to the use of their health and adult social care data. The role exists so that people can trust that their confidential information is being kept safely and used appropriately.

In December 2018, Parliament passed the Health and Social Care (National Data Guardian) Act 2018, which enshrines the National Data Guardian role in law and gives it the power to issue guidance on matters related to the processing of health and adult social care data.

In preparation for this new phase, the NDG has been considering what the key priorities should be for the NDG as the role moves onto a statutory footing. This consultation sets out four proposed priorities (in no particular order) and potential areas of interest for the NDG within each of these.

We should make clear that the NDG cannot deliver these alone. These are broad and ambitious priorities which will be ongoing work in the coming years for many organisations working together.

You can read more in the consultation document available on this page.

Why We Are Consulting

We now want to receive feedback from patients, the public, clinicians, researchers and other stakeholders on the NDG’s proposed priorities.

Tell us what you think:

  • What have we got right?
  • What have we missed?
  • What should the NDG be aiming to change and who should the NDG be working with to do that?

What Happens Next

We are considering the feedback from the consultation and will publish the final NDG priorities in the summer of 2019.


  • Clinicians
  • Doctors
  • NHS staff
  • Providers of NHS clinical services
  • Foundation Trusts
  • NHS Commissioning Board
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups
  • NHS patient experience leads
  • Trade union
  • Royal Colleges
  • Local authority
  • Members of the public
  • Patients
  • Carers
  • Service users
  • Information professionals


  • Primary care
  • Patient safety
  • Patient care
  • NHS staff
  • IT
  • Accountability
  • Complaints