Changes to medicines legislation (including on 'hub and spoke' dispensing)

Closed 17 May 2016

Opened 23 Mar 2016


This consultation seeks views on proposed changes to medicines legislation in four different areas. The propsoals aim to:

1. Enable all pharmacies to make use of 'hub and spoke' dispensing models (in which another pharmacy does part of the dispensing process allowing for more efficient dispensing and cost-savings);

2. Allow for the price of medicines and a statement on how the costs of medicines are met to be published on dispensing labels but only if this is separately required for medicines dispensed in the NHS;

3. Clarify the current dispensing label requirements for monitored dosage systems and medicines supplied under patient group directions (to pre-defined groups of patients without having to see a doctor); and

4. Redesign the pharmacists' exemption (from the need for a marketing authorisation or manufacturing license) in section 10 of the Medicines Act following a judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union. 

The consultation document and draft regulations can be downloaded from 'Related documents' below.

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