Independent Patient Safety Investigation Service Expert Advisory Group – Call for Evidence

Closed 31 Oct 2015

Opened 24 Aug 2015



In July 2015 the Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, Secretary of State for Health, announced the Government’s intention to create a new independent patient safety investigation service (IPSIS).  Operating from April 2016, IPSIS will offer support and guidance to health and care provider organisations on investigations into serious patient safety incidents, and carry out certain investigations itself.

An Expert Advisory Group (EAG) has been set up to make recommendations on how the new investigation service should work.

The EAG will make recommendations on the scope, governance and operating model for IPSIS. It will draw on the expertise of its members in patient safety, healthcare and investigation and seek the views of and evidence from a broad range of stakeholders, including service users, those who have experience of investigations and staff.

The EAG comprises a core group of individuals and will meet fortnightly. It will be examining evidence and taking views from those with an interest on five inter-related themes. These are detailed in full in its terms of reference and the questionnaire. In summary, they are:


  • Independence, governance and accountability
  • Engagement and transparency
  • What IPSIS should investigate
  • Supporting improvement and learning
  • People, skills, operation


The Expert Advisory Group seeks views and evidence from service users, families, clinical staff and anyone else working in related fields with an interest in patient safety and investigation. This will assist its consideration on all of the above areas, and any other issues relevant to the design and operation of IPSIS.

The views shared as part of this Call for Evidence will feed into the work of the Expert Advisory Group.  It is not a formal consultation.  Further engagement, including face-to-face events and opportunties, will also be used to get views and evidence.



  • NHS quality improvement leads
  • NHS patient experience leads
  • NHS patient safety leads
  • patient groups and patient advocates
  • Members of the public
  • Patients
  • individuals and families with experience of clinical investigations
  • Patients
  • Carers
  • Service users


  • Patient safety
  • Patient care
  • Clinical investigations
  • Clinical negligence
  • Quality improvement