Scope of performance assessments of providers regulated by the Care Quality Commission

Closed 14 Oct 2016

Opened 22 Aug 2016

Results expected 14 Nov 2016

Feedback expected 14 Nov 2016


The Care Act 2014 placed a duty on the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to carry out performance assessments of providers of health and adult social care services. The summary of these performance assessments would be provided in the form of a rating.

Since the CQC began publishing ratings in October 2014, it has rated over ten thousand providers. The ratings have provided people who use services, their families and carers, with a clear assessment of the quality of care provided. The ratings have helped us to celebrate outstanding care and also to identify those providers who need additional support to improve the safety and quality of their services.

When ratings were introduced in 2014 the focus was on ensuring that CQC provided ratings for those sectors where a rating would have the most benefit. This was limited to NHS Trusts and NHS Foundation Trusts, GP practices, adult social care providers and independent hospitals. CQC has learned from the process of developing ratings for these sectors and the Government would like to see this learning applied to other sectors regulated by CQC.

Why we are consulting

The experience CQC has gained from implementing ratings, combined with the positive reception to its approach, has given the Commission confidence in its ability to apply the ratings methodology to other sectors. Working with CQC, the Department of Health has considered changes to the scope of the performance assessment regulations, to enable CQC to rate additional provider sectors.

There is now a case to apply performance ratings to other sectors regulated by CQC. In identifying these sectors we have considered whether a rating would be of value to users and commissioners of services and whether CQC has the capacity to start rating the providers in 2017.


This consultation seeks your views as to whether it is appropriate for CQC to undertake ratings of these sectors.



  • Voluntary groups
  • Community groups
  • Charities
  • Advocacy or support organisations
  • GPs
  • Nurses
  • Health visitors
  • Clinicians
  • Managers
  • Commissioners
  • Paramedics
  • Allied Health Professionals
  • Ophthalmic Practitioners
  • NHS quality improvement leads
  • NHS patient experience leads
  • NHS patient safety leads
  • clinical staff
  • patient groups and patient advocates
  • Academic/ Professional institution
  • Members of the public
  • Patients
  • Patients
  • Carers
  • Service users


  • Quality improvement