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  • Human Fertilisation and Embryology (Parental Order) Regulations consultation

    The Department of Health laid a remedial order in Parliament for scrutiny in November 2017. This order addresses an incompatibility in Section 54 of The Human Fertilisation & Embryology Act 2008, which is concerned with applications for parental orders, which transfers legal parenthood after a... More
    Closed 6 days ago
  • Call for evidence - local authority public health prescribed activity

    This document is seeking evidence on the prescribing in regulations of specific local authority public health activity and invites responses by 17 April 2018. The Government remains committed to the primary legislative framework for public health which was established in 2012, and the existing... More
    Closed 1 week ago
  • Facing the facts, shaping the future - Adult social care workforce consultation

    In December 2017, Health Education England (HEE) published Facing the Facts, Shaping the Future, A health and care workforce strategy for England to 2027 and launched a consultation to inform the development of a health and care workforce strategy for publication this summer. The Department... More
    Closed 2 weeks ago
  • Independent Mental Health Act Review Service User Survey

    Introduction The Mental Health Act 1983 is the law in England and Wales that covers assessment, treatment and rights of people with a mental disorder. This includes when a person can be admitted, detained, and treated in hospital without their agreement. This Independent... More
    Closed 3 weeks ago
  • A consultation on extending legal rights to have for personal health budgets and integrated personal budgets

    Within the NHS, there is an ever-growing shift towards personalisation of health and care. It is clear that choice and personalisation matter to people; uptake of personalised health and care plans within the NHS has increased annually since implementation, and evidence suggests that by providing... More
    Opened 3 weeks ago
  • Independent Mental Health Act Review Carer Survey

    Introduction The Mental Health Act 1983 is the law in England and Wales that covers assessment, treatment and rights of people with a mental disorder. This includes when a person can be admitted, detained, and treated in hospital without their agreement. This Independent... More
    Closed 3 weeks ago
  • Sharing data for the "NICE Technology Appraisals in the NHS in England" (Innovation Scorecard) publication

    This consultation seeks views from companies who produce medical technologies, and diagnostic products, about sharing their data with NHS Digital so that it can be published on the " NICE Technology Appraisals in the NHS in England" ( Innovation Scorecard ) publication . This... More
    Closed 3 weeks ago
  • Dementia 2020 Challenge - 2018 Review

    In 2015, we launched the Dementia 2020 Challenge. The Challenge aimed to make England, by 2020, the best country in the world for dementia care, support, research and awareness. The subsequent 2016 Implementation Plan set out a series of commitments and objectives for a range of organisations. ... More
    Opened 1 month ago
  • A Consultation on Low Alcohol Descriptors

    The Food Labelling Regulations 1996 set out in law rules for how low alcohol drinks (those of 1.2% alcohol by volume, ABV, or less) may be described. These rules on the use of low alcohol descriptors aim to protect the public and inform consumers. The regulations are due to expire on 13 December... More
    Opened 1 month ago
  • Consultation on the Cost-Effectiveness Methodology for Vaccination Programmes & Procurement (CEMIPP) Report

    The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), is the independent expert committee that advises ministers on the introduction of new, and changes to existing, vaccination programmes in the UK. They asked that the methodology they use to appraise the cost–effectiveness of... More
    Opened 2 months ago
  • Group Accounting Manual 2018-19 Consultation

    All bodies within the Department of Health and Social Care accounting boundary (DHSC group bodies) must publish annual reports and accounts. Clear and transparent reporting helps the entity − as well as the users of the entity’s annual report and accounts − understand and scrutinise the... More
    Closed 2 months ago
  • Knowledge and Skills Statements for social workers in adult services 2017

    The Knowledge and Skills Statements (KSS) are central to the government’s drive to improve social work education, training and career development. Developed in partnership with social workers, educators, employers and user groups, they provide a consistent, practice-focused approach across the... More
    Closed 3 months ago
  • Reducing the need for restraint and restrictive intervention

    The Department of Health is consulting on draft guidance on reducing the need for restraint and restrictive intervention for children and young people with learning disabilities, autistic spectrum disorder and mental health needs. The consultation is seeking views on how well this draft... More
    Closed 3 months ago
  • Promoting professionalism, reforming regulation

    The UK's model of professional regulation for healthcare professionals has become complex and outdated. It needs to change to protect patients better, to support our health services and to help the workforce meet future challenges. Better and more responsive healthcare professional regulation is a... More
    Closed 3 months ago
  • NHS pension scheme: proposed changes to regulations 2018

    The Department of Health is consulting on proposals to change NHS pension scheme regulations. Proposed changes include: the removal of the need for a nomination form for unmarried or cohabiting partners to claim survivor pensions ensuring access to the pension scheme for staff... More
    Closed 4 months ago
  • Regulation of Nursing Associates in England

    The Nursing and Midwifery Order 2001 is the NMC’s governing legislation that sets out its powers and duties. Amendments need to be made to the Nursing and Midwifery Order to provide the NMC with the necessary legal powers to effectively regulate the nursing associate profession. It is intended... More
    Closed 4 months ago
  • The Regulation of Medical Associate Professions in the UK

    All four UK health departments recognise the important contributions that can be made to the delivery of safe, accessible and high quality care for patients through the enhancement of existing roles and the introduction of new roles. Four of these existing roles can be grouped under the... More
    Closed 4 months ago
  • Proposed legal requirements to provide information about health service products

    The Government is seeking views on draft requirements for the provision of information realted to the sales and purchases of health service products. The proposed Regulations contain a range of requirements on different actors in the supply chain for medicines, medical supplies and other related... More
    Closed 5 months ago
  • New proposal to expand the scope of performance assessments of providers regulated by the Care Quality Commision (September 2017)

    The Department of Health proposes to amend the Care Quality Commission (Reviews and Performance Assessments) Regulations 2014 so that the Care Quality Commission has a duty to rate all providers of regulated activities, except for some specific registered service providers or regulated... More
    Closed 6 months ago
  • Accountable Care Models Contract: Proposed changes to regulations

    On 4 August 2017 NHSE published an updated draft of the NHS Standard Contract – NHS Standard Contract (Accountable Care Models) (ACO Contract) and support package . This contract is a variant of the generic NHS Standard Contract applicable for integrated service provision. NHSE will continue... More
    Closed 6 months ago
  • Proposed changes to the statutory scheme to control the cost of branded health service medicines

    Building on the consultation run in 2015, the Government is consulting further on proposals to amend the statutory scheme that controls the prices of branded health service medicines. The changes aim to align the cost savings to the NHS generated by the scheme more closely with those made by the... More
    Closed 6 months ago
  • Regulations on medical exposures to ionising radiation

    This consultation seeks views on the regulations for the transposition and implementation of the medical exposures aspects of the European Council Directive 2013/59/Euratom of 5 December 2013. The Directive lays down basic safety standards for protection against the dangers arising from medical... More
    Closed 9 months ago
  • NHS prescribing of gluten-free foods

    Our consultation asks for your views on Department of Health proposals to make changes to the availability of gluten-free foods that are prescribed on the NHS. More
    Closed 10 months ago
  • Expansion of Undergraduate Medical Education

    The government proposes to increase the number of student places at English medical schools by 1,500. The first 500 places will be allocated to medical schools and will be available to students in September 2018. A further 1,000 places will be allocated through a competitive bidding process -... More
    Closed 1 year ago
  • Introducing a Rapid Resolution and Redress Scheme for Severe Avoidable Birth Injury

    England is a safe place to give birth, and every year thousands of babies are safely delivered to delighted parents by experienced and dedicated NHS staff. This is the outcome that all families expect and the vast majority of families experience. However, tragedies can sometimes occur, and babies... More
    Closed 1 year ago
  • Protecting whistleblowers seeking jobs in the NHS

    Employment Rights Act 1996 (NHS Recruitment - Protected Disclosure) Regulations The Freedom to Speak Up Review concluded (in Feburary 2015) that ‘individuals are suffering, or at risk of suffering, serious detriments in seeking re-employment in the health service after making a protected... More
    Closed 1 year ago
  • Allowing schools to hold spare adrenaline auto-injectors

    This consultation seeks views on whether legislation should be changed to allow schools to choose to hold spare adrenaline auto-injectors (AAIs) for use in emergencies. Currently, AAIs are prescription only medicines, which means that schools cannot keep spares for use in emergencies.... More
    Closed 1 year ago
  • Introducing Fixed Recoverable Costs in lower value clinical negligence claims

    This consultation seeks views on proposals to introduce a system of Fixed Recoverable Costs (FRC) for lower value clinical negligence claims. The FRC scheme will apply across the NHS, not-for-profit and private healthcare providers in England and Wales. It will not apply to Scotland or Northern... More
    Closed 1 year ago
  • Infected blood: special category mechanism and financial and other support in England

    This consultation sets out, and seeks views on, the special appeals mechanism that offers financial and other support for those with chronic hepatitis C infection. The department has developed a special appeals mechanism, called the special category mechanism (SCM), for those with chronic... More
    Closed 1 year ago
  • Coding and import regulations for human tissue and cells

    The European Union (EU) has published 2 new commission directives on the coding and import of tissues and cells for human application. The coding directive establishes a coding system to ensure the traceability of all human tissue and cells intended for human application, at all stages from... More
    Closed 1 year ago
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