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  • Liberating the NHS: Developing the Healthcare Workforce

    The vision set out in the white paper Equity and excellence: Liberating the NHS can only be achieved if healthcare providers employ staff with the skill mix appropriate to deliver a high quality service to patients in every circumstance. That blend of skills will change repeatedly to satisfy... More
    Closed 31 March 2011
  • Healthy Lives, Healthy People: Consultation on the funding and commissioning routes for public health

    The White Paper Healthy Lives, Healthy People , described a new era for public health, with a higher priority and dedicated resources. There will be ring-fenced public health funding from within the overall NHS budget. Local authorities will have a new role in improving the health and... More
    Closed 31 March 2011
  • Healthy Lives, Healthy People Consultation

    This is a new era for public health, with a higher priority and dedicated resources. This White Paper outlines our commitment to protecting the population from serious health threats; helping people live longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives; and improving the health of the poorest,... More
    Closed 31 March 2011
  • UK Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Strategy

    Pandemic influenza is one of the most severe natural challenges likely to affect the UK, but sensible and proportionate preparation and collective action by the Government; essential services; businesses; the media; other public, private and voluntary organisations; and communities; can help... More
    Closed 17 June 2011
  • A Review of the Procurement of Seasonal Flu Vaccine

    Assessment of the existing system of local procurement of seasonal flu vaccine suggests that it may not provide the most effective or efficient approach. It may be possible to achieve savings through a more centralised purchasing scheme, so that resources can be reinvested elsewhere. The... More
    Closed 17 August 2011
  • Consultation on proposed changes to regulations for Care Quality Commission registration

    This consultation seeks views on a number of proposed changes to the legislation that underpins the regulation of health and adult social care providers by the Care Quality Commission. The consultation document and impact assessment can be found on the Department of Health website . ... More
    Closed 7 October 2011
  • Consultation on preventing suicide in England

    Suicide is a major issue for society. The number of people who take their own lives in England has been reducing in recent years. But 4,400 people took their own life in 2009 – that is one death by suicide every two hours. There is no single approach to suicide prevention. It needs a... More
    Closed 11 October 2011
  • Proposals to introduce independent prescribing by physiotherapists

    This consultation concerns proposals for physiotherapists to become independent prescribers of medicines. It also proposes that physiotherapist independent prescribers are allowed to mix licensed medicines prior to administration and direct others to mix, and to be able to prescribe... More
    Closed 30 December 2011
  • Proposals to introduce independent prescribing by podiatrists

    This consultation concerns proposals for podiatrists to become independent prescribers of medicines. It also proposes that podiatrist independent prescribers are allowed to mix licensed medicines prior to administration and direct others to mix, and to be able to prescribe independently from... More
    Closed 30 December 2011
  • Rare Diseases Consultation

    On 11th November 2008, the European Commission published a Communication and Proposal for a European Council Recommendation on Rare Diseases. The Recommendation, which aims to introduce measures at European level to combat rare diseases, was accepted in 2009. This consultation document and... More
    Closed 25 May 2012
  • Public Health Workforce Strategy

    The consultation document signals the importance of building on the best but also the need to change and develop the workforce that contribute to public health. It highlights national relationships that will support the training, leadership, development and tracking of the public health... More
    Closed 29 June 2012
  • Front of Pack Nutrition Labelling

    The Governments across the UK are committed to the provision of nutritional information to help consumers make better informed food choices - and so to help them improve their health, guard against risks such as obesity and conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and... More
    Closed 6 August 2012
  • Standardised packaging of tobacco products

    We seek feedback on whether there might be public health benefits from the introduction of standardised tobacco packaging in addition to policies currently in place, including legislation ending the permanent display of tobacco products by retailers. We also wish to understand what other effects... More
    Closed 10 August 2012
  • Choice; Further proposals

    The White Paper, Liberating the NHS: Equity and excellence, set out the Government’s ambition to achieve healthcare outcomes that are among the best in the world by involving patients fully in their own care, with decisions made in partnership with clinicians, rather than by clinicians... More
    Closed 31 August 2012
  • Local Authority Health Scrutiny

    The reforms set out in Equity and excellence: liberating the NHS are underpinned by a clear commitment to increasing accountability and local democratic legitimacy in health. Strengthening health scrutiny is one element of this. The regulations currently in force have, on the whole,... More
    Closed 7 September 2012
  • A consultation on the draft mandate to the NHS Commissioning Board

    The new NHS Commissioning Board will oversee the way that over £80 billion of taxpayers’ money is spent to secure NHS services for the people of England. The mandate is one of the most important ways for the Government to set objectives for the Board, but it is just one part of a... More
    Closed 26 September 2012
  • Joint Strategic Needs Assessments and Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategies – draft guidance

    Joint Strategic Needs Assessments (JSNAs) and Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategies (JHWSs) are about the NHS, local government and communities working together to improve health and wellbeing outcomes and reduce inequalities. The purpose of statutory guidance in relation to this is to: ... More
    Closed 28 September 2012
  • Nursery Milk Scheme Survey for Childcare Settings

    This survey asks some questions about your organisation and the milk you provide to children as part of the Nursery Milk Scheme. In answering the questions, include only the milk paid for under the Nursery Milk Scheme and not any other milk you might purchase for staff use or for the... More
    Closed 30 September 2012
  • Next steps for Nursery Milk

    The Nursery Milk Scheme has been running since the 1940s. The scheme currently funds free milk for around 1.5 million children under five years old in 55,000 childcare settings throughout Great Britain. The Government is committed to retaining the Nursery Milk Scheme. In recent years,... More
    Closed 23 October 2012
  • Healthy Lives, Healthy People:Consultation on the arrangements for consideration of proposals on the fluoridation of drinking water

    Consultation on the arrangements for consideration of proposals on the fluoridation of drinking water The Department is consulting on the process local authorities will use to conduct consultations on fluoridation of drinking water. We are not consulting on the benefits or disadvantages... More
    Closed 27 November 2012
  • Performers Lists Regulations 2013

    The performers list system is a framework set out in the National Health Service (Performers Lists) Regulations 2004. Medical, dental and ophthalmic practitioners may not perform NHS primary care services in England unless they are included on a performers list held by a Primary Care Trust (PCT).... More
    Closed 14 December 2012
  • A consultation on draft amendment regulations and response to the policy consultation "Responsible officers in the new health architecture"

    This document serves two purposes: it provides the Department’s response to the April consultation, but it also consults on the draft regulations that will amend the Medical Profession (Responsible Officer) Regulations 2010. The April consultation considered the role of the responsible... More
    Closed 4 January 2013
  • A consultation on strengthening the NHS Constitution

    Views sought on strengthening NHS Constitution Proposals to strengthen the NHS Constitution are set out for public consultation today, with the NHS, patients and public all being asked to respond. The main changes proposed cover: a new responsibility for staff to treat patients... More
    Closed 28 January 2013
  • Direct payments for healthcare – A consultation on updated policy for regulations

    One way of managing a personal health budget is a direct payment for healthcare, where money is given directly to an individual for the management of their NHS care. They are currently only lawful within DH-approved pilot sites. The Government's intention is to roll out personal health budgets,... More
    Closed 26 April 2013
  • Topics for new NICE quality standards and guidance to improve the quality of social care

    From April 2013, the role of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) will expand to include social care. NICE have had a number of joint health and social care topics referred to them to commence work on in April 2013. This consultation seeks views on topics for NICE... More
    Closed 3 May 2013
  • Consultation on publication of abortion statistics: proposals for changes to the annual abortion statistics publication

    Consultation on publication of abortion statistics: proposals for changes to the annual abortion statistics publication. The overall aims of this consultation are to ensure that the reports remain as relevant and as useful to users as possible whilst maximising value for money. All... More
    Closed 10 June 2013
  • Sustaining services, ensuring fairness: A consultation on migrant access and their financial contribution to NHS provision in England

    This consultation is about migrants’ access and financial contribution to the NHS. It is widely recognised that the NHS has a longstanding weakness in charging foreign nationals who use the NHS, and has similar problems in recovering the cost of treatment to visitors from the... More
    Closed 28 August 2013
  • Consultation on refreshing the Mandate to NHS England: 2014 - 2015

    The Mandate to NHS England will be refreshed and published in the Autumn this year for 2014/15. The Mandate sets the Government’s ambitions for the NHS as well as the funding available to achieve and deliver the kind of care people need and expect. The first Mandate was published in... More
    Closed 27 September 2013
  • Health protection (ships and aircraft) regulations

    This consultation is on a set of reduced and consolidated regulations relating to ships and aircraft, to provide updated health protection powers and duties for use at England’s ports and airports, replacing the existing ships and aircraft regulations (known as the ’port health‘... More
    Closed 4 October 2013
  • Caring for our future: implementing funding reform

    In February 2013, the Government announced reforms to what and how people pay for their care and support. We want to give everyone more certainty and peace of mind over the costs of old age, or of living with a disability. We want to end the unfairness of unlimited care costs, and to protect... More
    Closed 25 October 2013
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