NHS Bodies and Local Authorities Partnership Arrangements (Amendment) Regulations 2015

Closed 8 Mar 2015

Opened 6 Feb 2015

Results Updated 19 Nov 2015

Following an analysis of the consultation launched in the last Parliament the Government has decided to proceed to amend the NHS Bodies and Local Authorities Partnership Regulations 2000 (as amended). The changes seek to provide a route for NHS England, CCGs and local authorities to use a pooled fund to jointly commission additional primary medical services for areas. This publication outlines the headline views of consultees and the Government’s response to the issues highlighted.




  • This consultation seeks views on the Government’s proposal to amend the NHS Bodies and Local Authorities Partnership Arrangements Regulations 2000, to bring NHS England’s primary care functions within the permitted scope of partnership arrangements between local authorities and health bodies.


  • Partnership arrangements and pooled budgets in particular can play an important role in underpinning a more joined-up approach to planning and commissioning across out-of-hospital care, and support efforts to deliver more integrated, person-centred care.


  • Existing regulations already provide for pooled budgets across the key health functions of Clinical Commissioning Groups and the health-related functions of local authorities, including social care. They will underpin the operation of the Better Care Fund at local level in 2015/16.


  • The proposed change will widen the potential scope of pooled budgets by making it possible for them to include funding for primary care, paving the way for greater integration across community health, social care and primary care.


  • The proposed change provides greater flexibility and local powers around the use of pooled budget arrangements, and removes a potential legislative barrier to continued efforts to increase integration. It will not impose any requirements on areas or NHS England to make use of these additional flexibilities.


  • Voluntary groups
  • Community groups
  • Charities
  • GPs
  • Commissioners
  • Directors of Public Health
  • Pharmacists
  • NHS Commissioning Board
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups
  • Royal Colleges
  • Local authority
  • Social care provider
  • Directors of Adult Social Care Services


  • Health inequalities
  • Primary care
  • Adult social care
  • Carers
  • Clinical Governance
  • Regulation